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The Aims of the Society

The Society seeks to educate, enlighten, stimulate and further interest and knowledge in the history and personalities associated with the Victoria Cross. The aims of the Society include the publication of articles, letters and reviews likely to interest students of the Victoria Cross.

Publication takes the form of two quality Victoria Cross Society Journals each year and the contents are of a high academic standard. The contributions are detailed, incisive and explanatory. Any controversial issues are honestly and tactfully examined.

As the subject covers such a high number of conflicts and embraces recipients from all around the world, each Journal contains as wide a scope as possible. In other words we have not started with the Crimea War and are working our way forward chronologically as we recognise that there are those whose interests lay with the 20th Century wars. Similarly, we are not parochial and concentrate on just British recipients, for nearly 25% of VCs were from overseas and we  acknowledge this fact by including pieces about them in every issue.

This is not a medal collectors' society but, by its very subject, there is much to interest numismatologists.We advise where and when any VCs are to be auctioned and publish the results.

Only Members will receive the Journal free of charge. They may make written contributions, request information, have access to our research, advertise and use advertisers' services. They can purchase back numbers of previous Society Journals, a lapel badge and various VC related items available from time to time.

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