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It has become increasingly apparent that many members are collectors of VC signatures and memorabilia. There is a need for a central point for collectors to buy, sell, exchange and post “wants”. The Society is, therefore, offering a new service.

The Collector’s Mailing Service has been formed for those  desirous of participating in the sale, exchange and purchase of articles of the following categories which are concerned with the Victoria Cross, its recipients and/or the actions which resulted in the award of the Victoria Cross

Advertising flyers and posters
Art prints and paintings
Books, booklets, pamphlets and tracts
Ceramics and tinware
Christmas cards
Cigarette and trade cards
Commemorative philatelic covers
Death plaques
Invitation and menu Cards
Magazines, newspapers and other periodicals
Medals, badges, medallions and tokens
Postage stamps
Sculpture, statuettes, models and lead soldiers

Miscellaneous collectabilia and ephemera not listed above

Please e-mail to the Secretary items you wish to sell or exchange. These will be passed onto the Collector’s Branch Co-ordinator, member Tom Johnson, who will contact known collectors and enthusiasts. Tom is a collector of long-standing and has a large collection of VC material as well as a compiler of one of the most complete VC data bases. His e-mail address is 
: [email protected]

The Collector’s Mailing Service is a free service offered by the VC Society.

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