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The following are sites we have found to be of interest. We've linked directly to them in the hope that you will also enjoy visiting:

Iain 'Scoop' Stewart's Victoria Cross Website

A website on the history of the Victoria Cross specialising in the burial location of VC holders and displaying the location of VCs when held by public bodies, world-wide.  Also included on the website is a 'News' page and a webpage dedicated to the sale and auction of VCs.

Battlefield tours to Anzio, Monte Cassino and Salerno

Self-Catering accommodation in the Somme (Mailly-Maillet), France can accommodate up to 6 persons and just a couple of miles from the Newfoundland Memorial and the Circuit of Remembrance.

New website on the life of Lieutenant Edward St John Daniel VC.

Through Their Eyes, Military Photo Archive

Paintings commissioned during the second world war to commemorate outstanding acts of bravery are now on display for the first time to mark the 60th anniversary of VE day


On-line shopping for Table Mats, Floral Prints and Scarves

Professional Freelance Photographer For Hire ...
Sandra Rowse is a freelance photographer with over 15 years experience. Her work is regularly used in national and international magazines, newspapers and websites and covers major sporting events, ceremonial events and award ceremonies, corporate events and social occasions. She has also worked for a wide range of corporate clients and produces dynamic, high quality images in film and digital format. Sandra has available a comprehensive gallery of VC holders photographs.

Ministry of Defence re the Victoria Cross

National Medals Pty Ltd
Unit 13, 200 Moggill Rd, Taringa 4068

This company offers:
Family military history research
Military medal mounting
Replica military medals
Custom made medals and medallions
Custom made badges and keyrings

Commando Veterans Association

Chevasse Farm
Situated in the quiet village of Hardecourt aux Bois
at the point where the British and French Armies
launched into The Battle of the Somme
and fought side by side

Royal Munster Fusiliers Association

Your essential WW1 & WW2 Rendezvous

An abundance of information, discussion board, shop and multimedia. Well worth a visit.

The Victorian Military Society

William Angus VC

The first Scottish Territorial soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross


The Anglo Zulu War Historical Society has been formed by a small group of experts and historians to educate, entertain, enlighten and encourage students past, present and future, and to further their interest in that most fascinating of Victorian campaigns, the Anglo Zulu War of 1879.

Visit all branches of the Imperial War Museum through this site.

The Australian and New Zealand Victoria Cross web site contains details of all Australian VC winners, in each major conflict where Australians have fought.  Every page contains a photograph of the VC winner plus their name, rank, unit, the date and place where they won their medal. The site also has the complete record of New Zealand VC winners, plus a special section for Australian George Cross winners.

The 102nd Battalion was raised in British Columbia in the earliest days of the Great War, and served continuously in France until the end of the war. Lieutenant Graham Thomson Lyall won the VC near Cambrai in the last days of the war.

western front association

The Western Front Association was formed with the aim of furthering interest in the period 1914-1918, to perpetuate the memory, courage and comradeship of those of all sides who served their countries in France and Flanders and their own countries and during the Great War.

Holts Tours

Holts Tours are considered by many to be one of the world's leading battlefield and history tour operators, having been in the business for 27 years. With more than 200 tours in their portfolio, which is constantly expanding, there's something for every enthusiast.

Tom Morgan's

Great war web pages, chat room, fabulous links and an online book catalogue. Regularly updated and well worth visiting.

(6th October 1882 to 4th July 1941)
by:  David H. Cronne

What is an Australian VC doing a Bristol cemetery?
by Dr James Briggs

This England Magazine
Britain's Patriotic Quarterly

Anglo-Persian War 1856-57 Short History

A network of keywords and concepts as they logically relate to each other, on various topics



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