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Membership of the Society costs 30 per annum (35 for overseas members, payable by International Money Order). Each year's subscription entitles the new member to a current and following Journal. These are normally published and posted to members biannually. New members are entitled to back copies for 12 each (including postage, etc.), subject to availability.

The Journals are A4 size and bound with a dignified and attractive stiff cover and the typeface and reproductions of a high quality which will enhance their collectability.

The Journal Editor and collator is Brian Best, an experienced writer of campaigns from the Crimean War to the First World War. He has visited the battlefields of the American Civil War, the Indian Wars, the First and Second World Wars and the South African sites of the Zulu and Boer Wars.

Past Journals have included articles on awards to Stanley Hollis, the only D-Day VC, Hugh Malcolm, the North African RAF VC, the 2 Victoria Crosses of Thomas Lane, Colonial VCs of the Zulu War, Australia's youngest VC, the "lost" Victoria Cross Gallery of Lord Wantage, Alexander Dunn, Canada's first VC and the VCs of the Anglo-Persian War of 1857, a four-part biography on Paul Kenna, the Omdurman VC and Charles Lucas, the first VC. There are regular reports about medal auctions, new VC memorials and dedications, and book reviews.

The Victoria Cross Society now cordially invite you to join this exciting venture and promise you an interesting and stimulating membership.

To request an application form, please visit our Contact Us page for a choice of ways to get in touch.

We look forward to hearing from you and assure you that all applications will be acknowledged.

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