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My Mystery Ships by Rear-Admiral Gordon Campbell VC, DSO. Pub. 1929. Signed & dedicated by Campbell. @ £40


The Military Exploits of Capt.John James Crowe VC by D & R.Pannett Pub.2013. @ £5

Happy Odyssey by Sir Adrian Carton De Wiart VC. Reprint 2007. @ £10

Handful of Heroes – Rorke’s Drift –Facts, Myths and Legends by Katie Stossel Pub.2015 @ £10

For Valour – West Country VCs by E.V.Thompson. Pub.2004. @ £10
(George) Eardley VC, MM by Roy Eardley (son). Pub.1997, £10


“Q” Boat Adventures by Lt-Cmdr.Harold Auten VC. Pub 1919. @ £15


The Face of Victory by Leonard Cheshire VC. Pub.1961. @ £10

The Courage of the Early Morning Flight by W. Arthur Bishop (Wm.Bishop’s son). Pub.1966. @ £15

Eugene Esmonde VC, DSO by Chaz Bowyer Pub.1983. £15

(Rex) Warneford VC by Mary Gibson. Pub.1979. £15

With a Smile and a Wave – The life of Capt. Aidan Liddell VC, MC by Peter Daybell. Pub.2005. @ £15

The Airship VC (Willian Leefe Robinson) by Raymond Laurence Rimell. Pub.1989. @ £10

Against the Odds-The Life of Grp.Capt.Lionel Rees VC by W.Alister Williams. [email protected] £10

Australian, New Zealand and Canadian
They Dared Mightily (Australian VCs & GCs) by Lionel Wigmore. Pub.1963. @ £15

(Dick) Travis VC – Man in No Man’s Land. By James Gasson. Pub.1966. @ £15

(Albert) Jacka VC- Australia’s Finest Fighting Soldier by Ian Grant. Pub. 1989. @ £15

Willie Apiata VC – The Reluctant Hero by Paul Little. Pub.2008. @ £20

Valiant Men- Canada’s VC & GC winners by John Swettenham. Pub.1973. @ £15

For Valour – Canadians and the Victoria Cross in the Great War by Gerald Gliddon 2015. @ £15

Freyberg VC – The Man 1939-45 by Maj.Gen.W.G.Stevens. Pub.1965. @ £5

(Paul) Triquet’s Cross – A Study of Military Heroism by John Mac Farlane. Pub.2009. £20

Packing & delivery extra at cost

Please send your order to
Brian Best
28 Hawthorn Drive
LE15 9TA

[email protected]





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