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The Journals are A4 size and bound with a dignified and attractive stiff cover and the typeface and reproductions of a high quality which will enhance their collectability.

The Twenty Eighth Journal published March 2016 included the following articles:-

Frederick Aikman VC
William Buckingham VC Memorial
Greater Love Hath No Man….
Harry Havelock VC
The Abyssinian War VCs
The First South African VCs
Andrew Scott, The Mystery VC
Lewis Halliday VC
Nelson Carter VC
Loos VCs Paving Stones
Adrian Carton De Wiart VC
The Kut VCs
VCs To The Next of Kin
Lionel Rees VC
Pozičres VCs
Harrogate Honours VCs
Martin Doyle VC
George Mitchell VC
Book Reviews

The Twenty Seventh Journal published October 2015 included the following articles:-

Forfeited VC Myths
Lt. John Duncan Grant VC
Capt. George Boyd-Rochford VC, Grave
George Fosbery VC & Henry Pitcher VC
Umbeyla Campaign Lecture, G. Fosbery
Harry Prendergast VC – Part 2
VCs of Submarine E14
Richard Bell-Davies VC
Percy Hansen VC
Leonard James Keyworth VC
George Peachment VC
Soldier Saved by Kulbir Thapa VC
Bruce Kingsbury VC
Leonard Keysor VC Memorial Stone
Book Reviews

The Twenty Sixth Journal published March 2015 included the following articles:-

Joshua Leakey VC
Michael O’Leary VC
Lanloe George Hawker VC
Gordon Campbell VC
John Patrick Hamilton VC
Frederick Potts VC
Martin Nasmith VC
Geoffrey Woolley VC
Frederick Parslow VC
Roberts of Kandahar VC - Part 3
John Robarts VC
Commemorative Stone Laying
Harry Prendergast VC – Part 1
Marcus Ervine-Andrews VC
VC Memorial Paving Stones
Book Reviews & Wilfred Owen’s Grave

The Twenty Fifth Journal published October 2014 included the following articles:-

MONS 1914-2014
VC Birthplaces 1915
VC Paving Stones 1914
1914 Recruitment Poster
Charles Garforth VC
James Leach VC
John Hogan VC
Charles Yate VC
L Battery at Nery
Khudadad Khan VC
Harry Ranken VC
Norman Holbrook VC
Roberts of Kandahar - Part 2
Who Is The Youngest VC?
Henry Cecil Dudgeon D’Arcy VC
VCs Buried in Victoria
Book Reviews

The Twenty Fourth Journal published March 2014 included the following articles:-

Henry Raby VC
Roberts of Kandahar - Part 1
George Hinkley VC
Cameron Baird VC
Trooper Hewitt and Buller VC
Gerald Graham VC
VC Paving Stones
Birthplaces of 1914 VCs
Clement Robertson VC
John James Dwyer VC
Wilfrith Elstob VC
Australian Russian VCs
Edward Charlton VC
Robert Hampton Gray VC

The Twenty Third Journal published October 2013 included the following articles:-

Southport’s V.C. Heroes
VC Memorial Plaque
Andrew Moynihan VC
The Benares VCs
Wally Brown VC. DCM.
Captain Harold Ackroyd VC. MC. MD.
Richard Sandford VC
Freddie West VC, MC
William Barker VC
James Ward VC
Guy Gibson VC
John Cruickshank VC
William Ellis Newton VC
Book Reviews

The Twenty Second Journal published March 2013 included the following articles:- OUT OF STOCK

Cpl Daniel Alan Keighran VC
Gerald Littlehales Goodlake VC
The Latest VC - L/Cpl James Ashworth
Percival Marling VC
The Victoria Cross At Auction
George Morby Ingram VC
The Victoria Cross Trust
The Gough VC Family Part 3
Lt Col F.A.C. Scrimger VC, Md.
Lieutenant General Sir Philip Neame VC Part 2
Book Reviews

The Twenty First Journal published October 2012 included the following articles:-

VC Heroes Meet The Guns!
John Prettyjohns VC
The Gough VC Family Part 2
Defence Of Lucknow
How I Won The Victoria Cross
Edmund Henry Lenon VC
William Maillard VC
Henry George Columbine VC
Mystery VCs
Lieutenant General Sir Philip Neame VC Part 1
Memorial Unveiled In Malta
Francis Jefferson VC
Philip Gardner VC
Rayene ‘Simmo’ Simpson VC
Book Reviews


The Twentieth Journal published March 2012 included the following articles:-

Gough Family (Part I)
James Purcell VC
Alexander Dunn VC - new photo
Thomas Cadell VC
Visit Of Cpl.Ben Roberts-Smith VC
Medical VCs In New Zealand
Thomas Kennedy VC
Martin-Leake - First Double VC
Arthur Martin-Leake - His 2nd VC
VC Graves Commemorated By Commonwealth War Graves Commission
Teddy Veale VC
Col. Graham Thomson Lyall, VC
A VC Winner Dishonoured
Harold Auten VC
Field Marshal Lord Gort VC, DSO, MC (Part 2)
Israel Harding VC: An Imposter’s Tale
Book Review

The Nineteenth Journal published October 2011 included the following articles:-

VCs Held in the National Museum Collections
Public School VCs (Part 4)
William Peel and the Shannon VCs
Gunner Israel Harding
Egyptian War VC
Sekukuni War VCs
New VC Memorials
Stolen Identity – The Strange Tale of Arthur Richardson VC
The Battle of Jutland VCs
George Prowse VC DCM
Naval Division Hero
Field Marshal Lord Gort VC, DSO, MC (Part 1)
James Kirk, Sambre-Oise Canal VC
The Kronstadt Raid VCs
Arthur Louis Aaron VC - Victim of Friendly Fire

The Eighteenth Journal published March 2011 included the following articles:-

Obituary Lachiman Gurung VC
Cpl Benjamin Roberts-Smith VC
George Fiott Day VC
John Tytler VC
The Morosi’s Mountain VCs
Rex Warneford VC
Pte Tom Dresser VC
Exraordinary Heroes
The Lord Ashcroft Gallery
Thomas Colyer-Fergusson VC
Cecil John Kinross VC
The Timothy O’Hea VC
Jack Mantle – The Portland VC
The Battle Of The Fjords 1940
Sefanaia Sukanaivalu VC
Reg Rattey VC
John Nettleton VC
Public Schools’ VCs – Part 3

Journal of the Victoria Cross Society October 2010

The Seventeenth Journal published October 2010 included the following articles:-

The Lord Ashcroft Gallery
The Morosi’s Mountain VCs
Tirah Campaign VCs
Captain Sir Ernest Towse VC
Reginald Hart -The Life-Saving VC
Regimental Museums
William Bees VC
Alexander Cobbe VC– Part 3
Harry Coverdale VC, MM
Fred Greaves VC
Identifying The Miniature VC Group Of Sgt.Albert Mountain
William Matthew Currey VC
Some Further Comments On The “Counterfeit” VC Awarded To
Timothy O’Hea
Public Schools’ VCs – Part 3
Three Desert Rat VCs
Major Kenneth Muir
First Korean War VC
Book Reviews

Journal of the Victoria Cross Society March 2010

The Sixteenth Journal published March 2010 included the following articles:-

Red And Blue
Timothy O’Hea VC
Hans Garrett Moore VC
Fenton John Aylmer VC
Basil Guy VC
Collis Postscript
Alexander Cobbe VC - Part 2
William Rhodes Moorhouse VC
Clifford Coffin VC
Joseph Maxwell VC
Sidney Godley VC
Godfrey Meynell VC
George Thompson VC
Richard Burton VC
Book Reviews
Public Schools’ VCs – Part 2
The Remarking of Thomas Young’s Grave
Mystery VCs


The Fifteenth Journal published October 2009 included the following articles:-

Edward Kenna VC
Gurkha Images
John Duncan Grant VC
The First Two Nepalese VCs
The Debt We Owe
Frank Gerald Blaker VC Mc
Rambahadur Limbu VC
Public School VCs Part 1
The VC Paper Chase Part 2
Thomas Young VC
Crimean Medical VCs
Medical Bravery In The Trenches
Freddie Roberts VC
Alexander Cobbe VC– Part 1
David Lowe Macintyre VC
James Huntley Knight VC
Mystery VCs
Dennis Donnini VC
VCs In Regimental Museums
Book Reviews


The Fourteenth Journal published March 2009 included the following articles:-

Mark Donaldson VC
Eric Wilson VC Obituary
Ablett & Palmer VCs
James Dalton VC
Walter Hamilton VC
M.F.M.Meiklejohn VC
VC Metal-Paper Trail
Palestine VCs
Alfred Wilkinson VC
Albert Chowne VC
Charles Newman VC
Ian Liddell VC
Harry Nicholls VC
Mystery VC
Willy Apiata VC
Memorial Events
Book Reviews

The Thirteenth Journal published October 2008 included the following articles:-

Ian Fraser VC
The Dedication of The Armed Forces Memorial
Luke O’Connor – The First Army VC
Lost, Stolen or Destroyed-The Missing VCs
Hanson Jarrett VC – Forgotten Mutiny Hero
William Fraser McDonell – Civilian Indian Mutiny VC
Michael Murphy and Samuel Morley – Military Train VCs
William Bankes VC – A Short Life
The Bhutan VCs William Trevor and James Dundas
Isaac Lodge - Boer War VC
The British Unknown Warrior Postscript
Jack Sherwood-Kelly VC A Burned Out Case
Edward Smith VC Fame to Despair
Reverend Noel Mellish Great Dunmow Honours Its VC Vicar
The Royal VC Garden Party 26 June 1920
Peter John Badcoe VC “The Galloping Major”
Regimental Museums
Four National Victoria Crosses – Time For Appraisal
Tri-Service Chain for Gallantry Awards, UK
Book Reviews
Kars Revisited – Christopher Teesdale VC
Mystery VC


The Twelfth Journal published March 2008 included the following articles:-

Bhanubhakta Gurung VC
William Hewett VC, Kcb The First Freemason VC
Show Me A Hero And I Will Write You A Tragedy
Edward Robinson VC
Evelyn Wood VC
“I Have Another!” Joseph Farmer – The Mujuba Hill VC
Wallace Duffield Wright Colonial Frontier War VC
Henry Dalziel Queensland VC.
A Derbyshire VC. Charles Stone VC, MM
A Bridge Over Troubled Water. Sir Brett Cloutman VC, MC, QC, KBE.
The British Unknown Warrior
John Kenneally VC The Brummie Irishman
The Victoria Cross Paintings Of Terence Cuneo
Bodmin’s Links To The VC Part 2
Book Reviews

The Eleventh Journal published October 2007 included the following articles:-

Corporal Willy Apiata VC
Tasker Watkins VC
Hancocks - The VC Jewellers
Kinsmen In The Crimean War
The Strange Death Of The Laird’s Son
Lucknow Images
Francis Maude VC CB
Frederick Whirlpool VC
Thomas Kavanagh VC – Part 2
Anthony Booth VC
Edmund William Costello VC – Part 2
Major W A Bishop VC
The Singular Case Of Billy Bishop
Bodmin Links
Never Judge A Book By The Cover
10 VCs In A VC10
Friendly Fire
In Memoriam
Book Reviews

The Tenth Journal published March 2007 included the following articles:-

Unveiling In Madeira
Tomb Of The Unknown Warrior
Bryan Budd VC
The Sheesh Mahal Museum VC Collection
The Delhi Magazine VCs
James Hills Johnes VC
Thomas Kavanagh VC, Part 1
David Mackay VC
The VC Cannon – Scientific Analysis
The Man Who Made The Victoria Cross
James Williams Adams VC
Henry Pennell VC
Edmund William Costello VC (Part 1)
Alfred Oliver Pollard VC
John Sayer VC
The Early Naval VC Ribbons
John Brunt VC
Ian Mckay VC
Sir Roden Cutler VC
British Nursing
Book Reviews

The Ninth Journal published October 2006 included the following articles:-

VC 150th Anniversary Photographs
VC 150th Anniversary Service
Exhibition At Firepower
Cecil William Buckley VC
Cecil Buckley Memorial Appeal
Redvers Buller VC
Schoolboy Letter
Arthur Knyvet Wilson VC
Samuel Shaw VC – Postscript
Michael Ashcroft & the Fascination of the VC
William Boulter VC
Schiess and Douglas
Unknown and Yet Well Known
Eric Robinson VC
Captain Alfred John Shout VC
White Nights & Red Terror Pt 3 (Augustus Agar VC)*
Captured Russian Guns
Gerard Roope VC
David Currie VC
Raid on the Tirpitz
Book Reviews

* Parts I and II of this article appeared in Journals no. 7 and 8 published October 2005 and March 2006, back copies of which are available at a cost of Ł10 plus p&p.


The Eighth Journal published March 2006 included the following articles:-

Christopher Teesdale VC
Three VC Cannon
150th Anniversary Exhibition
Patrick Roddy VC
Century of Valour
Thomas Byrne VC
William House VC
Chavasse Farm, Somme
VC Records of The Staffords
James Collis VC
Irish Giant – William Cosgrove VC
Night Fighter – William Leefe Robinson VC
Harold Ackroyd VC
Cecil Sewell VC
Augustus Agar VC - Part II *
Eric Harden VC
Maurice Rodgers VC
List of VCs at Centenary Parade
Book Reviews

* Part I of this article appeared in Journal no. 7 published October 2005, back copies of which are available at a cost of Ł10 plus p&p.

Victoria Cross Society Journal October 2005


The Seventh Journal published October 2005 included the following articles:-
Johnson Beharry VC
War Art at the National Archives
The Great Redan VCs
Charles Lumley VC
William Connolly VC
John Paton VC
Samuel Shaw VC
Frederick Corbett VC
Walter Congreve VC
Wilbur Dartnell VC
White Nights, Red Terror Part 1
Gabbar Singh Negi VC
John Harman VC
Richard Annand VC
The Glorious Glosters
Supreme Courage at Brecon
Book Reviews
VC Rededication

Victoria Cross Society Journal March 2005


The Sixth Journal published March 2005 included the following articles:-
Charles Lucas VC – Post Script
Robert Loyd-Lindsay VC
Sir James Mouat VC
Joseph Trewavas VC
Richard Fitzgerald Mystery VC
Samuel Wassall VC
Randolph Nesbitt VC
Charles Parker VC
Medals Review
Arthur Borton VC
Oliver Brooks VC
VC Dinner 1929
Thomas Durrant VC
Edwin Swales VC
Two Staffordshire VCs at Arnhem
James (Mick) Magennis VC
Richard Annand VC – Funeral

Victoria Cross Society Journal October 2004

The Fifth Journal published October 2004 included the following articles:-

Charles Lucas - The First VC
The Light Brigade VCs
Henry Clifford VC
The Fame of Henry Hook VC
Thomas Lane - a "Double" VC? Part 2
Paul Kenna VC Part 4
Edgar Thomas Towner VC
Stanley Boughey - Blackpool's First VC
Hugh Malcolm VC Part 2
Stanley Hollis - D-Day VC
David Harvey Tribute
Redcoats & Zulus Report

Victoria Cross Society Journal March 2004

The Fourth Journal published March 2004 included the following articles:-

Memorial to Jack Harrison VC
Sergeant Thomas Ricketts VC by Terry Hissey
Gurkha Museum Displays Burma VCs
Scottish Memorials on Unmarked VC Graves
Belated Recognition of Pompey VC - William Goate VC by Brian Best
The Lost Victoria Gallery by Irene Hancock
L/Cpl William Goate - Lancer VC of the Indian Mutiny by Brian Best
Thomas Lane - A"Double" VC? Part 1 by Joe West
Colonial VCs of the Zulu War by Brian Best
Interview with John Hayward - The Pioneer of Modern Medal Collecting
Market Review 2003 by Valourous
Paul Aloysius Kenna - Omdurman VC Part 3 by John Mulholland
Lest We Forget - Frank E.Young VC by Richard Young
Captain Eustace Jotham VC by Nick Lovell
Billy Jackson - Australia's Youngest VC by Harry Willey
None Came Back - Hugh Malcolm VC Part 1 by Steve Snelling
John French - Borneo VC by Greg Faux
Flt.Sgt Norman Jackson's VC to be Auctioned
George Eardley VC, MM by Roy H.Eardley
Lt.George Knowland - The Last Commando VC by Robert J.Mewett
Book Reviews

The Third Victoria Cross Society Journal published October 2003, included the following articles:

1. The Unveiling & Dedication of the Victoria Cross & George Cross Memorial
2. The Anglo-Persian War 1856-7. The Indian Army's First VC. Part 1
3. "Ulundi" Beresford VC
4. Paul Kenna VC DSO - Omdurman VC Part 2
5. Australia's First Winner of the Victoria Cross
6.Two Schoolfriends Win VC in Same Battle
7. VC Who Was Once a Convict
8. Sergeant David Finlay - The Silent VC
9. Fred Fisher - Canada's First WW1 VC
10. Hero of Messines - John Carroll VC
11. George Gabriel Coury VC - Part 2
12. The VC Under the Hammer - Interview with Michael Naxton
13. The Life and Death of Bruce Kingsbury VC
14. Fred Tilston VC


The Second Victoria Cross Society Journal, published March 2003, included the following main articles:

1. The First Award to the Army Medical Department - The Netley Victoria Cross
2. George Strong - Crimean Trench VC
3. Paul Kenna - Omdurman VC - Part 1
4. Charles Fitzclarence - The First VC of the Boer War
5. Gabriel Coury - Stoneyhurst VC - Part 1
6. Walking Stick Willis - W Beach, Gallipoli VC
7. As Brave As They Come - Harry Greenwood VC
8. How a Right can make a Wrong - Henry Tandey VC
9. Worthy of the Highest Award - Theodore Cooke and the Zeebrugge Awards Controversy
10. Now I Shall Have to Go Out and Earn It - James Nicolson, Fighter Command’s Only VC
11. The Sacrifice of the Li Wo - Part 2
12. Tommy Gould - Submariner VC
13. From Court Martial to Buckingham Palace - The Life and Hard Times of Richard Kelliher VC
14. Nand Singh VC - The Only WW2 VC to Die in a Post War Conflict
15. Two Devon Heroes Honoured - Teddy Veale VC and H. Jones VC

The First Victoria Cross Society Journal, published October 2002, included the following main articles:

1. A Proud and Gratifying Day - The First VC Investiture, 
Hyde Park, 26th June 1857
2. The True Story of James Gorman VC
3. William Hall, VC - a First-class Cannoneer
4. Gallantry, Patronage and Cover-ups - Zulu War VCs
5. The First VC of the First World War - Lt. Maurice Dease VC
6. Albert Jacka - Australia’s First WW1 VC
7. The Sacrifice of the Li Wo 1942
8. The Greatest Stand Firm at the Height of the Storm - James Stokes VC
9 .Kevin Wheatley VC - Vietnam War Hero
10. Righting a Wrong - Rifleman Bambrick VC Remembered
11. The Lassen Memorial at Comacchio


Copies of these very well received Journals are still available at Ł15 each, excluding p&p. Overseas p&p Ł3.00 per copy.


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