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The First VCs -The stories behind the first Victoria Crosses of the Crimean War and the Definition of Courage by John Grehan. A long-overdue book about the awarding of the first Victoria Crosses of the Crimean War. Recommended. 287 pages with illustrations. Pub. Frontline Books, Price: 25.

Victoria's Cross: The Untold Story of Britain's Highest Award for Bravery.
By Gary Mead. A detailed look at the institution of the Victoria Cross. 352 pages with illustrations. Pub.Atlantic Books, London. 25

Issy Smith VC, A Soldier of the Jullundur Brigade. By Robert Bonner. A fascinating account of Issy Smith's colourful life and his gallantry at Ypres in 1915. Available from [email protected] 9.50

The Crossroad
by Mark Donaldson VC. A really excellent bio of one of the recent VCs.  Available in Australia @ $39.99. Pub. Pan Macmillan

Beyond the Legend - Bill Speakman VC
by Derek Hunt & John Mulholland
An outstanding biography of one of our most celebrated VCs. Told mostly through the words of Speakman himself. Published by The History Press, price 14.99

Herbert Columbine VC
by Carole McEntee-Taylor. An account of self-sacrifice by a Machine Gun Corps private during Germany's final desperate advance in March 1918. Published by Pen & Sword, price 19.99 

Guy Gibson-Dambuster
by Geoff Simpson. Excellent account of one of the most celebrated VC heroes. Published by Pen & Sword, price 19.99.

John J. Sims VC - From Bloomsbury to Sevastopol
by Anthony Sims. This is a well-published book about one of the lesser-known VCs of the Crimean War and a hero of the attack on the Great Redan. Privately published it available from the author at  price 11.95

From Smethwick to St Nazaire - The Life of Bill Savage VC
by Chris Sutton
This is the story of one of the lesser known heroes of the famous raid on the dry dock at St Nazaire in 1942. This is another excellent biography by local historian Chris Sutton, who wrote For King and County (see below). Highly recommended. Available @ 7.99 plus 2 postage from "Smethwick Heritage Centre, Victoria Park Lodge, High Street, Smethwick B66 3NJ.  E-mail: [email protected] 

Midget Submarine Commander - The Life of Godfrey Place VC
by Paul Watkins.  One of the most audacious exploits of the Second World War was the attack by midget submarines against the battleship Tirpitz in a remote fjord in northern Norway. This is the story of Godfrey Place who commanded one of the two submarines that successfully laid his mine under hull of the mighty ship and survived. For this he was awarded the VC. This is an excellent biography and includes Place's own recollections of the attack. Pub. Pen & Sword @ 19.99

Ten Brave Men and True - The Victoria Cross holders from the Borough of Tunbridge Wells
by Richard Snow. A beautifully produced and well-researched account of the ten VCs associated with Tunbridge Wells (Charles Lucas, Matthew Dixon, William Temple, John Grant, Douglas Belcher, William Addison, Eric Dougall, William Clark-Kennedy, Lionel Queripel and John Brunt). Highly recommended. Proceeds of this book will be donated to Help For Heroes. Available @ 19.99 from Menin House Publishers.

For King & Country - Smethwick's two VCs of the First World War
by Chris Sutton. This is an excellent booklet produced by the Smethwick Heritage Centre about the town's two VC heroes, Sergeant Harold Colley and Lieutenant Herbert James
Available @ 6.99 plus 1.50 postage from Smethwick Heritage Centre, Victoria Park Lodge, High Street, Smethwick B66 3NJ. e-mail: [email protected]

Yorkshire VCs
by Alan Whitworth. Here is another excellently researched and produced book about regional recipients of the VC. Here we read about the 69 Yorkshiremen who have been awarded the Cross. Published by Pen & Sword. Hard back. 221 pages inc.index, b&w photos. ISBN184884778-5. 19.99

Mr Lock - The Hatter -Victoria Cross Holders 1856-1919
by Dr.K.S.Cliff. Something of a curiosity for collectors of VC literature, this is a book about 26 VCs who were customers of Lock and Co, Hatters of St James's. Softback 44 pages. ISBN 978-0955038815. Available @ 5.00 from [email protected] 

Kent VCs
by Roy Ingleton. Biographies of 50 VCs who had connections with the Invicta county of Kent. Published by Pen & Sword. 16.99. Hard back 160 pages. ISBN 184884409-3

VCs of the First World War
by Gerald Gliddon. The popular series is being re-issued in paperback form. Gallipoli and 1914 have already been published, with 1915 appearing in June and Somme in November. Arras and Vimy Ridge will appear in Spring 2012. The author states that these books are not simply reprints of what has already been published but are being completely updated and many chapters totally re-written so they will be a must buy for VC buffs as well as being of great interest to the general reader. They are available @ 9.99.

Reginald Roy Rattey VC - Our Humble Hero by Carmel Barbary (Rattey's daughter). For details, go to:-

Valiant Hearts - The Story of the Uppingham School VCs by Mike Garrs
An excellent very well produced self-published booklet about the five Uppingham School VCs. All proceeds going to the British Legion and Uppingham Society. Softback, 76 pages containing many b&w and colour images. Available from:-
 Mike Garrs, 1 The Chestnuts, Nettleham, Lincoln LN2 2NH. 9.95 plus 2.00 p&p.

This Gallant Steelback - William Ewart Boulter VC by Derek Seaton
The well-told story of Somme VC. Lots of excellent photos in this well produced self-published book. A4 Softback, 84 pages containing 130 images. Available from:-
Derek Seaton, Flat 2, Vernon House, 68 Avenue Road, Leicester LE2 3EB. Tel: 0116 2705971. 11.00 plus 2.30 p&p. 

Donald Dean VC -The Memoirs of a Volunteer & Territorial from Two World Wars
Edited by Terry Crowdy. Fascinating account of WW1 VC who also saw much action in Second World War. Pub. Pen and Sword. 19.99. Hard back. 178 pages inc.index and b&w photos. ISBN 1848841-2  

Zulu Rising - The Epic Story of Isandlewana and Rorke's Drift by Ian Knight. The latest and arguably the best book from the foremost writer of the Anglo-Zulu War. It is based on decades of research and incorporating previously unpublished material. With its 700 odd pages, it is a door-stop of a book but one well-worth reading. Maps and images. Pub.Macmillan. 20. ISBN 9781405091855

Liverpool Heroes Book 3. Edited by Ann Clayton. The third of an excellent series of VCs associated with the city of Liverpool. Well researched and terrific value. Published by Noel Chavasse VC Memorial Association, Soft cover. 112 pages, b&w images. 7.00 plus p&p. Available from Donald Allerston, 12 Wexford Avenue, Hale Village, Merseyside L24 5RY.
Book 4, which will be the final volume, is due this summer. 

The Complete Victoria Cross by Kevin Brazier. This is a very useful addition to the ever-expanding library of VC literature. It is a full chronological record of all holders of the Cross complete with brief citations. burial locations and present locations of the VC. There is also an alphabetical list of the recipients. An excellent reference book. Published by Pen and Sword, 2010. Hard cover, 406 pages, b&w photos. 25. ISBN 184884150-7

Gamp VC by Brian Izzard. This is the biography of one of the most controversial VCs of WW2- maverick submarine commander, Anthony Miers. He was a in turns violent, loyal, rude and gentle and courted controversy. The writer does not pull his punches but is scrupulously fair. For the reader this makes for an absorbing account and one that is thoroughly recommended. Published by Haynes Publishing. Hardback, 272 pages, b&w photos, index. 19.99. ISBN 978 1 84425 725 6   

William Coltman VC, DCM & Bar, MM & Bar - The Story of Two Crosses by Anthony G.Tideswell. The subject of this book was the most decorated NCO of WW1 and yet he never carried a weapon. Coltman was a strict Christian and acted as stretcher bearer for his battalion, 1/6th North Staffords. His supreme gallantry and intense religious belief is well told in this privately published book. I bought my copy at the National Arboratum but if you wish to obtain a copy please contact Sovereign Bookcare, Stoke-on-Trent. 5.50.

Payne VC by Mike Coleman. This is the story of Australia's most decorated soldier of the Vietnam War, Keith Payne. Not only is he exceptionally brave, he is also a particularly warm and approachable man. This book does him justice and is a very honest account of a professional soldier, his wife and family. One of the best VC biographies ever written. Get it! Soft cover. 244 pages, b&w photos. Index. Pub. Australian Broadcasting Corp.,GPO 9994,  Sydney, NSW 2001, Australia.  

Triquet's Cross - A Study in Military Heroism by John MacFarlane. This tells the story of the French-Canadian officer, Paul Triquet, who was awarded the VC for gallantry during the Italian campaign of 1943. Much of the book is taken up with the enormous political pressure to which Triquet was subjected by anglo and francophones after his return to Canada. A fascinating and salutary account. Hard cover. 250 pages, b&w photos. Index. $34.95. Pub. McGill-Queen's University Press, Montreal, Canada. 

Ladysmith's 20 VCs by Charles Aikenhead. A beautifully produced book with many interesting photographs about the VC awarded for the Defence and Relief of Ladysmith 1899-1900. Thoroughly recommended. Soft cover A4.81 pages. Available direct from author for 12.50. Contact [email protected]  

Liverpool Heroes - Book 3 Edited by Ann Clayton. This is another in the excellent series of modestly priced books about VCs associated with Liverpool. Copies of the book are available from Don Allerton, 12 Wexford Avenue, Hale Village, Merseyside L24 5RY. Price 7.00 inc.p&p.

Undefeated - The Extraordinary Life and Death of Lt.Col.Jack Sherwood Kelly VC, CMG, DSO by Philip Bujak. This is an overdue book about one of most colourful and courageous soldiers of WW1. We ran an article about him in our October 2008 Journal, but the author has managed to fill in most of the details of this remarkable VC. Available from James and Sons, PO Box 58, Fakenham, Norfolk NR21 7WZ. ISBN 0-9551902-2-3

Come If Ye Dare - The Civil Defence George Crosses by Terry Hissey. Although beyond our usual scope, this book is well worth reading to learn of the outstanding gallantry displayed by the 11 George Cross recipients during WW2. It is well-written by our regular contributor, Terry Hissey, a member of the Civil Defence Association. It is available direct from Tim Essex-Lopresti, Civil Defence Association, 24, Paxton Close, Matlock, Derbyshire DE4 3TD or [email protected]  12.50

Willie Apiata VC - The Reluctant Hero by Paul Little. Biography of the latest VC recipient tells of early life in rural New Zealand and his tough induction in to the SAS. Plenty of coloured photographs in a beautifully produced book. Not available in UK. Contact Penguin Group (NZ), 67 Apollo Drive, Rosedale, North Shore 0632, New Zealand . ISBN 9780670073207

Bonner VC - The Biography of Gus Bonner VC and Master Mariner by Sue Satterthwaite. One of the most exciting naval chapters of the First World War was the daring and dangerous exploits of the sailors who crewed the "Q-Ships". One of the several VCs awarded these brave men was to Charles George (Gus) Bonner. Just published is his biography, which make fascinating reading. Full of previously unseen photos and beautifully produced, this is a must for Christmas. Pub. SR Print Management Company, Aldridge WS9 8UY. @ 19.99  NB. Any profits from the sale of this book will be donated to The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal.

A Breed Apart by Richard Leake. This is the story of two school friends, Donald Bell and Archie White, who joined the Yorkshire Regiment in the Great War. Remarkably, they were both awarded the Victoria Cross, sadly one was posthumously. This is an excellent book and available from The Green Howards Museum, Trinity Church Square, Richmond, North Yorkshire DL10 4QN

Heart of a Dragon - The VCs of Wales and the Welsh Regiments 1914-82
by W.Alister Williams. This is the second of two volumes about the 44 VCs associated with Wales. This is very well researched, clearly laid out and full of excellent photographs, many seen for the first time. A beautifully produced book that should be read by all those interested in the VC. Pub.Bridge Books, 61 Park Avenue, Wrexham LL12 7AW. @ 35.

Liverpool VCs by James Murphy. Published to coincide with the unveiling of the stunning memorial to Noel Chavasse, this excellent book tells to stories of 23 VCs associated with Liverpool. Pub.Pen & Sword Books @ 19.99

Awarded for Valour - A History of the Victoria Cross & the Evolution of British Heroism by Melvin Charles Smith. This is one of the most interesting and stimulating books to have been published about gallantry and the VC. Published without any fanfare, this book deserves to be widely read. Pub.Palgrave Macmillan @ 19.99



Operation Kronstadt by Harry Ferguson. This is described as the greatest true tale of espionage to come out of the early years of MI6. The author is a former MI6 officer and has used his access to original material to retell the story that we serialised in our Nos.7-9 Journals of Lt.Augustus Agar VC and the Secret Agent, Paul Dukes. This is an excellent book and thoroughly recommended. Pub.Hutchinson @ 18.99.

A Party Fit For Heroes by Derek Hunt & John Mulholland. A fascinating and well researched account of the  Royal Garden Party of 26th June 1920. This unique occasion saw the attendance of no fewer than 323 VC recipients ranging from the Indian Mutiny to the intervention against Bolshevik Russia in 1919. Includes many b&w photos and personal reminiscences of some of the guests. Highly recommended. Pub.Navy & Military Press. ISBN 1 847347 12 6 @ 9.95. Available online from   

The Honour and the Shame by John Kenneally VC. This is a very welcome reprint of one of the most amazing VC biographies to have been written. As the "blurb" stated on the cover of the original publication "A True Life Story that Few Novelists would have Dared to Invent". Pub. Headline Publishing Group. ISBN 978-0-7553-1611-3

Sniper One by Sgt.Dan Mills. This is one of the very best first-hand accounts of combat since Andy McNab put pen to paper. Written by the leader of the sniper platoon of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment, it covers the events in Al Amarah and the siege of Cimic House. Very exciting and highly descriptive. Thoroughly recommended.
Available 30th August. Pub. Michael Joseph. ISBN 978-0-14994-9

Liverpool Heroes. Books 1 & 2
by Sid Lindsay & Bill Sergeant. Edited by Ann Clayton. These two excellent and nicely produced books cover the stories respectively of 16 and 18 Liverpool holders of the Victoria Cross. All proceeds from their sale go to the Noel Chavasse VC Memorial Association to fund a Victoria Cross Memorial Statue in Liverpool (for details, see "Events"). Copies of these books are available from Donald Allerston, 12 Wexford Avenue, Hale Village, Merseyside L24 5RY @ 7.00 each plus p&p. 

Valour Reconsidered
by Hugh A.Halliday. Drawing on Canadian, American, Australian and British examples, the author examines an array of recommendations for VCs and other similar awards, asking why some were approved and some not. Controversial and interesting. Pub. Robin Brass Studio, Toronto. 

Who's Who in The Zulu War - Vols 1 & 2 by Adrian Greaves and Ian Knight
The two heavyweights of Zulu War history have combined their considerable knowledge to produce two very readable volumes on the main personalities of that short but endlessly fascinating war. Included are all the VC recipients. Thoroughly recommended.
Pub. Pen & Sword. ISBN 1-84415-479-3 & 1-84415-526-9

The Victoria Cross Freemason's Band of Brothers
(Prestonian Lecture 2006)
by Granville Angell. Over 10% of VC recipients have been Freemason's and this excellent booklet list them all and has detailed articles on thirteen. There is also a very interesting theory about the early Navy VC ribbon. Limited number available from Granville Angell, 34 Manor Avenue, Cannock, Staffs WS11 1AA @ 10 plus 1 p&p.

Victoria Cross Heroes
by Michael Ashcroft. The long anticipated book by the collector of the largest collection of VCs in the world does not disappoint. At last the public can see the extent of this remarkable collection, which has already been increased by three. The book is published in conjunction with a three part series on Channel Five starting on Sunday 19th November. Published by Headline Book Publishing, London. ISBN 0-7553-1632-0

Heart of a Dragon - The VCs of Wales and the Welsh Regiments 1854-1902
by W.Alister Williams. This beautifully produced volume is an in-depth examination of 39 VCs either Welsh-born, served in a Welsh regiments or had some association with Wales. Lavishly illustrated. Recommended. Published by Bridge Books, 61 Park Avenue, Wrexham LL12 7AW. ISBN 1-84494-027-6   

Valiant Hearts - Atlantic Canada & the Victoria Cross
by John Boileau. An excellent account of the 21 VCs with ties to the Atlantic provinces of Canada. Highly recommended. Published by Nimbus Publishing, PO Box 9166, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3K 5M8. E-mail [email protected] 1-55109-548-3

In the Face of the Enemy - The Complete History of the Victoria Cross and New Zealand
by Glyn Harper and Colin Richardson. A long-overdue book about New Zealand's outstanding VC recipients. Pub.Harper Collins (New Zealand), PO Box 1
Auckland NZ. ISBN 1 86950 522 0
NB: I notice that Foyle's Bookshop in Charing Cross Road, London are selling this book @ 17.99 

 Cawnpore & Lucknow - A Tale of Two Sieges - Indian Mutiny by D.S.Richards. Well researched and timely new account of the two most dramatic sieges of the Mutiny. Pub.Pen & Sword. ISBN 1-84415-516-1

Dusty Warriors - Modern Soldiers in War by Richard Holmes. A detailed and dramatic account of The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment in Iraq, including the background to Private Beharry's VC action.  Written by one of Britain's leading military historians, who is further qualified to write this account as he is also the Colonel of the Regiment. Published by Harper Press. ISBN 0 00 721284 4

The Victorian Naval Brigades by Lieutenant Commander Arthur Bleby. A stirring account of the wars in which the Royal Navy supplied Brigades to fight alongside their Army comrades. Published by Whittles Publishing, Dunbeath Mains Cottages, Dunbeath, Caithness, Scotland KW6 6EY. E-mail: [email protected]
ISBN 1-904445-25-X

2 Para's Battle for Darwin Hill and Goose Green by David J Kenney. A detailed account of this brief but crucial battle by an American historian, with eye-witness accounts from both sides.  Published by Oak Square Press, Upperville, Virginia
ISBN 0 9660717 1 9

 Bravest of the Brave - The Story of the Victoria Cross
by John Glanfield
This is the most readable and revealing book on the Victoria Cross in years.  Professor Richard Holmes says that "It is the best single book on the Victoria Cross".
Published by Sutton. ISBN 0 7509 3695 9

Heroic Option - The Irish in the British Army by Desmond & Jean Bowen
A most interesting account of the huge contribution that the Irish soldier has made to the British Army through the ages. Published by Pen & Sword. ISBN 1 84415 152 2

Victoria Cross - Australia's Finest and the Battles They Fought by Anthony Staunton. Formally titled "They Dared Mightily", this is a welcome revised and updated book by one of the foremost authorities on the Victoria Cross. The book has biographies on all 96 Australian VCs and a new section on George Cross recipients, with over 100 rarely seen photos from the Australian War Memorial collection.
Published by Hardie Grant Books, 85 High Street, Prahran, Victoria 3181, Australia.

The Victoria Cross by Peter Duckers. Welcome addition to the Shire range of titles, which cover such subjects as Irish Megalithic Tombs to Thimbles. For such a small book, this is packed with a huge amount of information, which is lavishly illustrated and terrific value. Published and available from Shire Publications Ltd., Cromwell House, Church Street, Princes Risborough, Bucks HP27 9AA or from booksellers. Price 5.99. ISBN 0 7478 0635 7

VCs Handbook - The Western Front 1914-1918 Edited by Gerald Gliddon
Pub.Sutton Publishing. A really useful book and a must for battlefield visitors to the Western Front. This handy sized paperback book lists all the VCs, their actions and indexes of Military Units, Place Names and Cemeteries and Memorials. ISBN 0-7509-3545-6

The VCs of Gloucestershire & North Bristol by N.J..Thornicroft. Pub.Wedderburn Art Ltd on behalf of N.J.Thornicroft. 50 copies only. A really comprehensive book on 74 local VC heroes. Softback. 197 pages, b&w illustrations. ISBN 1 905037 07 4. 20 plus 2.50 p&p UK. Copies can be ordered from the author at
49, Sebert Street, Gloucester GL1 3BS or by visiting

Valour & Gallantry: H.E.I.C. & Indian Army Victoria Crosses and George Crosses 1856-1946 by Chris Kempton. Definitive book about the 162 VCs and the 21 GCs won by members of the Indian Army. Published by Military Press. 280 pages inc. b&w illustrations and maps. ISBN 0 85420 281 1

VCs of the Second World War by John Frayn Turner. At last, a book that contains the true story of every single VC recipient during 1939-45. Published by Pen & Sword.309 pages inc b&w illustrations. ISBN 1 84415 067 4

Symbol of Courage
by Max Arthur. First comprehensive book about all 1354 VCs, together with clear explanation of the campaigns & wars in which they were performed.
Publisher:- Sidgwick & Jackson. 686 pages inc.b&w illustrations. ISBN 0 283 07351 9. Essential reading.

Monuments to Courage by David Harvey. 2 volumes in a slip case. VC Headstones and Memorials. Over 5000 b/w photos. ISBN 1843423561. Highly recommended.            

The Victoria Cross 1856-1920 by O'Moore Creagh & E.M.Humphries. Despite       the odd error and omission, this is the magnus opus of the VC. ISBN 1843420910.          

The Evolution of the Victoria Cross by M.J.Crook. Highly researched study of     how the VC was conceived and evolved. ISBN 0 85936 041 5

Victoria Cross Bibliography Edited by John Mulholland & Alan Jordan. Comprehensive bibliography of all VC literature. ISBN 1 902040 21 X

Monuments to Courage - Victoria Cross Headstones and Memorials by David Harvey. This "must-have" work is now available as a single volume and, wherever possible, brought up to date. Soft covers, 814 pages available from Naval & Military Press @ 45. Email [email protected] or phone 01825 749494

The History of the Victoria Cross
by Philip A.Wilkins. Originally published in 1904, this is another excellent reprint from Naval & Military Press. Every VC citation between Charles Lucas in 1854 to Wallace Duffield Wright in 1903, with dozens of photo portraits. A must for all those interested in the VC. Pub.Naval & Military  ISBN 1-902040-21-X

Supreme Courage - Heroic Stories from 150 Years of the Victoria Cross
by General Sir Peter de la Billiere. Published by Little, Brown. 387 pages inc. illustrations. ISBN 0 316 72591 9. Leading soldier's homage to VC heroes. Excellent insight into what makes a man become a VC.

For Valour - The story of Reverend Noel Mellish VC, MC by Ken Drury. A 40-page booklet published to coincide with the dedication of a bronze plaque at Great Dunmow, where Noel Mellish was vicar for 20 years. 3.50 inc.p&p. Cheques made payable to Great Dunmow Historical Society. Obtainable from:- Ken Drury, The old Post House, The Street, High Roding, Essex CM6 1NR

The Faces of World War I - The Great War in Words and Pictures By Max Arthur. This is not strictly a VC book but is one that will be of appeal to all interested in military history. Written by the country's leading oral historian and member of the VC Society, Max Arthur has trawled the archives and private collections to find rarely seen photographs and personal accounts of the War to end All Wars. Published by Cassell.288 pages, b&w photos. 25. ISBN:9781844035618

Nine Valiant Academicals by Alasdair MacIntyre. Nine former pupils of the Edinburgh Academy were awarded the Victoria Cross. Starting with the first, Thomas Cadell in the Indian Mutiny through to submariner, Anthony Miers in WW2. This modestly priced book is well produced and all profit is shared between the Edinburgh Academy Foundation and the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association. Published by Alan Fyfe. Available from The Academical Club, The Edinburgh Academy, 42 Henderson Row, Edinburgh EH3 5BL  @ 6.50 plus 1.00 p&p 


VCs of the First World War. Series published by Sutton Publishing and comprising the following excellent books.

The Naval VCs by Stephen Snelling ISBN 0 7509 1395 9

 The Air VCs by Peter Cooksley ISBN 0 905 778 340

1914 by Gerald Gliddon  ISBN 0 7509 1444 0

The Western Front 1915 by Peter F Batchelor & Christopher Matson ISBN 0905 778 170

Gallipoli by Stephen Snelling ISBN 0 905 778 332 

The Somme by Gerald Gliddon ISBN 0 7509 1599 4

Arras & Messines by Gerald Gliddon ISBN 0 905 778 618

Passchendaele 1917 by Stephen Snelling ISBN 0 905 778 60X

Spring Offensive 1918 by Gerald Gliddon ISBN 0 7509 1107 7

The Road to Victory by Gerald Gliddon ISBN 0 7509 2083 1

The Final Days 1918 by Gerald Gliddon ISBN 0 7509 2485 3

Cambrai 1917 by Gerald Gliddon ISBN 0-7509-3409-3

Sideshows by Gerald Gliddon ISBN 0-75-9-2084-X


Most Regimental Museums sell publications about their own VCs. Amongst the best are:-

Focus on Courage - The 59 Victoria Crosses of The Royal Green Jackets
by Lt.Gen.Sir Christopher Wallace & Major Ron Cassidy. Excellently produced and informative account of the VCs awarded to the members of the antecedent regiments that now make up the Royal Green Jackets. Published by The Royal Green Jackets Museum, Peninsular Barracks, Winchester, Hants SO23 8TS. ISBN:0 9549370 1 5

The British Grenadiers - 350 years of the First Regiment of Foot Guards 1656-2006 by Henry Hanning. A lavishly illustrated account of the Grenadier Guards written by a former lieutenant colonel of the Regiment. Beautifully produced with accounts of all the regiment's VC recipients. Widely available in all major bookshops. Published by Pen and Sword Military. ISBN 1 84415 385 1

ARTYVICS - The Victoria Cross and The Royal Regiment of Artillery
by Marc J.Sherriff. Available direct from Firepower, Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, London SE18 6ST. E-mail: [email protected] Tel:020 8855 7100. ISBN 020 7253 1032


Volunteer Infantry of Ashton-under-Lyne 1859-1971 by Robert Bonner
Pub.Fleur de Lys Publishers. Handsome hardback book which includes the biography of William Thomas Forshaw VC. ISBN 1873907 141. Available from Museum of the Manchester Regiment, Town Hall, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 7SY @ 25 + 4.50 p&p

Beyond Their Duty - Heroes of the Green Howards by Roger Chapman ISBN 0 9540141 0 3

The Story of the Gurkha VCs ISBN 0 9521487 0 6

What Happened to the Heroes? Pub.The Royal Regiment of Wales (Brecon) Museum. 2005. The lives of the fifteen holders of the VC associated with the battles of Isandhlwana and Rorke's Drift. Softback, 50 pages with many colour illustrations. Excellent value at 4.00 plus 0.60 postage. To order, contact the Museum on 01874 613310 or visit

"Elegant Extracts" - The Royal Fusiliers Recipients of the Victoria Cross
Compiled and Edited by J.P.Kelleher

Gallant and Distinguished Service - The Royal Corps of Transport Medal Collection 1794-1993 by Lieutenant Colonel D.J.Owen. A beautifully produced book with excellent coloured plates. Like the Artillery and Sappers, the Corps have been present at just about all the Army's conflicts from the Peninsula War to the Gulf War. Included are the five VCs awarded to the Corps. Thoroughly recommended. Available from The Royal Corps of Transport Institution, Dettingen House, Princess Royal Barracks, Deepcut, Camberley, Surrey. 352 pages. 35. ISBN O-9552241-0-1



The following First World War regimental and brigade histories are recommended for their VC content.

16th, 17th, 18th, 19th Battalions: The Manchester Regiment - A Record 1914-1918. Excellent account of the First City Brigade in the Great War. Includes accounts of the outstanding VCs, Lt.Col.Wilfrith Elstob VC, DSO, MC and CSM George Evans.
Reprint by The Naval & Military Press Ltd, Unit 10, Ridgewood Industrial Park, Uckfield, East Sussex TN22 5QE. Order on-line at:
ISBN 1-845741-53-9

The 54th Infantry Brigade - Some Records of Battle & Laughter in France
First hand accounts of this famous Brigade on the Western Front. Eight VCs awarded.
Reprint by The Naval & Military Press Ltd (see above for details).

Swansea Pals - A History of the 14th (Service Battalion, The Welsh Regiment in the Great War. By Bernard Lewis. An excellent account of one of Kitchener's Volunteer Regiments. Many photos covering the whole war. Pub. Pen & Sword Books. ISBN 1 84415 056 9 


The definitive book on Air Force VCs is:-

 For Valour - The Air VCs by Chaz Bowyer ISBN 0 948817 57 7


A very good read is about the Winners of the VC since the Second World War entitled

The Last Eleven by Mark Adkin ISBN 0 85052 214 5



The Register of the Victoria Cross. All 1348 VCs are listed alphabetically              together with details of birth, place of deed, town or county connections, place and date of death and memorials. ISBN 0 906324 03 3. A similar book is produced about the GEORGE CROSS. ISBN 0 906324 06 8
Available from This England, PO Box 52, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 1YQ


Crimean War enthusiasts will want to read:-

Kars: Victory into Defeat
by Anthony J.Rundell. A wonderful and exciting account of the little known battle of Kars during the Crimean campaign. Based on the diaries kept by Lt.Christopher Charles Teesdale, the first South African-born recipient of the Victoria Cross. Published by Impress. ISBN 095111 98 30. Available @ 17.50 inc.p&p from Carleton Management Services, 50a, Elbe Street, London SW6 2QP

Hell Riders - The Truth about the Charge of the Light Brigade by Terry Brighton. Pub.Viking. 364 pages plus b&w illustrations. ISBN 0-670-91528-9
This is now out in paperback.
Rifle Green in the Crimea by George Caldwell & Robert Cooper.
An account of the Rifle Brigade in the Crimean War 1854-56. With eight VCs awarded to members of the regiment, there is much of interest to our members.
Bugle Horn Publications ISBN 0 9516600 1 2

Sharpshooter in the Crimea by Michael Springman. The Letters of Captain Gerald Goodlake VC. Pub. Pen & Sword, Aug.2005. 228 pages plus b&w illustrations.
ISBN 1 84415 237 5

A Bearskin's Crimea - Colonel Henry Percy VC and his Brother Officers
by Algernon Percy. Pub. Pen & Sword, 2005. 238 pages plus b&w illustrations.
ISBN 1844153096


Can the market bear yet another Zulu War history? The answer is yes, if it is:-
Crossing The Buffalo by Adrian Greaves. Pub.Weidenfield & Nicholson. 383 pages plus b&w illustrations. ISBN 0-297-84700-7


VC biographies.

The Queen's Knight by Martyn Downer. This is an exceptionally well written biography of Major General Sir Howard Elphinstone VC whose remarkable life as a Crimean War hero and close confident of Queen Victoria was cut short in tragic circumstances. The writer's wife is the great-great-grandaughter of Elphinstone and keeper of his diaries and prolific correspondence, which shed new light on the Queen and life inside her court. Thoroughly recommended. Pub.Bantam Press. ISBN 978 0 593 05485 7  


Indian Mutiny & Beyond - The Letters of Robert Shebbeare VC Edited by Arthur Littlewood. One of the Delhi VCs, Shebbeare's story is told through recently discovered letters which he sent home between 1844 and 1860. Pub. Pen & Sword. ISBN 184415574-9

Johnson Beharry VC - Barefoot Soldier - A Story of Extreme Valour
by Johnson Beharry VC with Nick Cook. The eagerly awaited story of the latest VC.
370 pages, maps and colour photos. Published by Sphere @ 18.99. ISBN 0-316-733210-0

All For Valour - The Story of Captain John Brunt VC, MC by Richard Snow.  Excellent 144 page book, which has around 35 illustrations, about the outstanding VC won on the Gothic Line in 1944. Available @ 5 plus 2 p&p. It can be obtained from its author, Richard Snow, 1 Cornford Park, Pembury, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN2 4PW.
NB. All profits are donated to The Compaid Trust of which the author is a trustee. The aim is help disable people to become computer literate. 

Walter Mills VC
by Major David Rogers. Privately printed. Available for reference purposes only at the Oldham Local Studies Library (phone 0161 911 4654) and the Manchester Regiment archive held in the Tameside Archive Centre, Old Street, Ashton-under-Lyne. Phone: 061 342 4242

Singular Journey of O'Hea's Cross by Elizabeth Reid. An intriguing account of Timothy O'Hea and his supposed disappearance in the Australian Outback. Pub.Leamcon Press, 64905 Albert Street, Yale, British Columbia V0K 2S0, Canada.
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For Valour - VC, MM by Roy H.Eardley. The story of Sgt.George Eardley VC, MM as told by his son. Available from Rothley Publishing, 12 Martins Close, Trefonen, Oswestry, Shropshire SY10 9EW. ISBN 0 9530127 0 0

Victoria's Cross - ANZAC to Archangel by Mike Irwin. The story of Sgt.Sam Pearse VC,MM. Available from author, PO Box 8050, Northland Centre, Victoria, Australia 3072. ISBN 1 876709 49 9

Without Hesitation - The Story of Christopher Cox VC by Mary Hallett. Available from Montagues, 40 High St., Kings Langley, Herts WD4 9HT.

Mad Harry- Harry Murray VC, CMG, DSO+bar, CdeG, Australia's Most Decorated Soldier by George Franki & Clyde Slatyer. Pub.Kangaroo Press, 20 Barcoo St., East Roseville, NSW 2069. ISBN 0 7318 118 87

I Laughed Like Blazes! The Life of Private 'Todger' Jones VC, DCM by David Thompson, Available from author at 4, Charlton Close, Palace Fields, Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 2UN. ISBN 0 9542629 05

Bazalgette VC - Alberta Pathfinder by Terry MacDonald. Available from Bunker Publishing, 4520 Crowchild Trail S.W. Calgary, Alberta Canada. ISBN 1 894255224

A Tiger and a Fusilier- Leicester's VC Heroes by Derek Seaton. The story of two workhouse boys, Pte.W.H.Buckingham and Capt.R.Gee, who won the VC in WW1. Available from author at 78 Spinney Drive, Kirby Grange, Botcheston, Leicester LE9 9FG. ISBN 0 9228948 2 3

Valour Beyond All Praise-Harry Greenwood VC by Derek Hunt. Available from author at 9, Harrington Close, Windsor, Berks SL4 4AD. ISBN 09545871 0 3

 The Fighting Bradfords - Northern Heroes of World War One  by Harry Moses. The extraordinary account of four brothers, two of whom were posthumously awarded the VC, one who won the MC and the fourth who was at age 25, the youngest ever Brigadier General in the British Army, was awarded the MC and DSO.
'A fascinating story using family and official material and I strongly commend this book: it will give you pride in being British.' General Sir Peter de la Billiere KCB, KBE, DSO, MC*, DL
Published by County Durham Books, Culture & Leisure, Durham County Council, County Hall, Durham DH1 5TY. Contact: Nick Foster Tel: 0191 3834479.ISBN 1-897585-75-6

The Life of Henry Hook VC by Barry C.Johnson. To mark the 125th anniversary of the Zulu War, the new expanded biography of one of the Rorke's Drift heroes. 331 pages, 24 illustrations, in both casebound  and paperbound. Available from        Bartletts Press, 37, Larchmere Drive, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8JB.ISBN 0-9517115-6-3

 H Jones VC -The Life & Death of an Unusual Hero by John Wilsey. A vivid and well written biography about the controversial Falklands hero. Published by Arrow Books. ISBN 0-09-943669-8

  For Valour - West Country VCs by E.V.Thompson.
Excellent new book about 22 VCs with Cornish and Devonian connections, written by best-selling novelist. Published and available from by Truran Books, Croft Prince, Mount Hawke, Truro, Cornwall TR4 8EE. Tel.01209 891287. ISBN: 1 85022 185 5

MAGENNIS VC - The story of Northern Ireland's only winner of the Victoria Cross by George Fleming. Although this book was published in 1998, the author is offering the few remaining copies to Society members @ 11.95 inc.p&p.
This is an excellent book which covers the whole life of James Magennis VC and highlights the problems he had to confront in sectarian-torn Belfast after his award.
For a copy of this book, contact:-
George Fleming, 545a Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 7GQ
E-mail: [email protected]    

 Merry Hell - A Dane with the Canadians By Thomas Dinesen VC
Wonderful account of this famous VC's experiences with the Royal Highlanders of Canada on the Western Front. A welcome reprint from The Naval & Military Press.
Order online at: ISBN 1-845740-96-3

Fire-Eater. The Memoirs of a VC by Captain A.O.Pollard VC, MC, DCM
Highly colourful and entertaining story of this HAC hero. Told in "Ripping Yarns" style. Another of the excellent reprints from the Naval & Military Press (see above)

A Frontier Campaign - A Narrative of the Operations of the Malakund and Bruner Field Forces 1897-1898 by The Viscount Fincastle VC and Lieutenant P.C.Eliott-Lockhart. Another excellent and welcome reprint from Naval and Military Press. A N W Frontier classic. 

  At long last, the latest papers (1867-8) from the Sir Harry Flashman VC collection has just been published!
Flashman  and the March
by George MacDonald Fraser
I know that many members share my devotion to the exploits of this tarnished Victorian hero and the long wait for this latest book has been worthwhile.
With a Smile and a Wave - The Life of Captain Aidan Liddell VC, MC
By Peter Daybell. Beautifully produced and detailed book about the fourth air VC.
Published by Pen & Sword Aviation. ISBN 1 84415 160 3


Commandant of the Transvaal - The Life and Career of General Sir Hugh Rowlands VC KCB By W.Alister Williams. An excellent biography of the first Welshman to be awarded the VC. Published by Bridge Books ISBN 1 872424 41 4


Kenneally VC by John Patrick Kenneally. Although this book is out of print it is absolutely worthwhile trying to obtain a copy. Just about the best self-written biography that has been written. What a tale! Hopefully, there will be a reprinting as there is a fresh demand for VC books. ISBN 0 9518237 0 1





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